Klub investorů organizes an online panel discussion which will be cohosted by Lighthouse Ventures. The Managing Partner and Co-founder of Lighthouse Ventures, Michal Zálešák, will be attending as one of the hosts.

Some interesting topics will be covered during the discussion, such as how venture capital funds invest in startups or how COVID-19 changed the startup valuation industry.

These and many other topics will be discussed by the speakers during the event.

WHEN: 16.12.2020


The panel discussion speakers will consist of:

Samuel Huba – Managing Partner & Co-founder of Impulse Ventures, an investment company which focuses on Seed & Series A investments in tech startups

Michal Zálešák – Co-founder & Managing Partner of Lighthouse Ventures which focus on Early Stage investments and accelerating tech startups

Václav Gregor – CEO & Partner of Soulmates Ventures that focuses on startups with strong social and environmental sustainability value

There will be 30 minutes dedicated to questions after the panel discussion. You are welcome to join us if you enjoy learning more about venture capital and startup world.